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Zaporozhye State Medical University



Zaporozhye State Medical University – a modern, multidisciplinary higher education institution of the 4th level of accreditation with the right of independent management. Its history stems from the Higher Courses for Women, organized in Odessa in 1903. In 1959, the school moved from Odessa to Zaporozhye and renamed Zaporizhzhya Pharmaceutical Institute, and in 1969 – in Zaporozhye Medical Institute. In 1994, it received the status of National Medical University IV level of accreditation. ZSMU is also officially recognised by the Medical council of India(MCI)
Annually all the students irrespective of their health have compulsory preventive check-ups and examinations and sick students receive treatment both at the polyclinic and in the best clinics of the city. The consultative assistance is provided by the leading medical specialists of the Regional Clinical Hospital. All students get a regular complex of preventive inoculations.
At the preparatory department for foreign citizens, medical department, pharmaceutical department and also at the stage of post-diploma training more than 5000 thousand students, interns, holders of a master’s degree, members of a course, members of clinical studies, post-graduate students, persons working for a Doctor’s degree, among them 500 foreign citizens, are being trained. There is a students’ club at the university. Different circles of amateur activities for those who like to play musical instruments, sing and dance work there. There is a team of “Jolly and Quick-witted Club” which take part in the Ukrainian games of “JQC”. Every year many festivals and concerts are held at the university. ZAISA (Zaporozhye alumni and Indian students association), a student association formed by Neo Group, for bringing Indian students on one platform as well as for their safety.

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The structure of the university has 8 faculties: Medical Faulty No. 1, Medical Faculty No. 2, Medical Faculty No. 3, Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 1, Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 2 (extramural), International Faculty, Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Preparatory Faculty for foreign citizens; 61 departments, Medical College, University Clinic Medical Educational and Scientific Center.

Students, bachelors, interns, masters, postgraduate students, doctoral students and cadets of postgraduate education study at 61 departments of the University.

The University is a leader among the higher medical educational institutions of the country in terms of developed material and technical base, infrastructure of scientific laboratories and computer classes, distance learning and telemedicine. Training at ZSMU is carried out with the use of the most modern scientific and pedagogical technologies. The University has 42 computer classes, more than 1,308 computers are used in the educational and scientific process, which allow to execute a curriculum based on multimedia technologies. All technological processes in the library are computerized. The whole territory of the campus is a Wi-Fi zone.

University students acquire practical skills in 30 treatment and prevention facilities, 12 dental centers, 107 basic pharmacies, and doctors and pharmacists of postgraduate education practice in 303 medical and pharmaceutical institutions and in 11 treatment and diagnostic centers.

The University Clinic has a hospital with 160 beds, a outpatient clinic with 240 visits per shift, a consultative center of University professors in 36 medical specialties, a modern laboratory for pathomorphological and immunohistochemical diagnostics, a Center•for•Metabolic•Disorders, a Gerontology Center, a Center for Respiratory Pathology and Allergology. In 2012, the Zdorovia Diagnostic Center was opened, which has no analogues in Ukraine in terms of diagnostic programs and prevention.

ZSMU is a participant in the Telemedicine International Educational Project, under the University Center for Distance Education and Telemedicine a network of distance learning classes was created in central district hospitals and medical colleges of Zaporizhzhia oblast, as well as in Odessa, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipro, Mykolaiv.

According to the results of the KROK-2 licensed integrated exam of the official rating of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the University ranks second in Ukraine, and the first place — according to the results of the KROK-3 exam.

According to the results of the external audit conducted by the UKRSERT Quality Systems Certification Body on June 12, 2014 Zaporizhzhia State Medical University received a certificate of compliance of the Quality Management System with DSTU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008), registered in the Register of ROSUKRSERT Certification System No. 8О0 -0315-14. The certificate is confirmed annually.

Scientific divisions of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University:

  • Research Institute of Medical and Environmental Problems;

  • Institute for Human Clinical Pathology;

  • NVO Farmatron;

  • Training Medical Laboratory Center;

  • Certification and Testing Laboratory of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Household Chemicals;

  • Postgraduate and Doctoral Department;

  • Editorial and Publishing Complex;

  • Innovation and Technology Transfer Service;

  • Metrological Service.

Most of the research of lecturers and students is focused on the Training Medical Laboratory Center and Institute of Human Clinical Pathology equipped with modern equipment, laboratory-biochemical and clinical-instrumental researches are performed in the University Clinic, as well as in interdepartmental laboratories. Analysis of the quality of perfumes and cosmetics is carried out in the Certification and Testing Laboratory of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Household Chemicals accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine. Analysis of the environment and toxic and hygienic regulation is performed at the Research Institute of Medical and Environmental Problems.

In a powerful Training Medical Laboratory Center, the doors are always open for scientists and students in departments, like those of Molecular and Cell Biology, Morphometry and Densitometry, Experimental Pharmacology and Functional Biochemistry, as well as laboratories of organic synthesis of biologically active compounds, elemental analysis of synthesized substances, physical and chemical analysis, microbiological laboratory and modern laboratory of medical and genetic counseling and reproductive correction.

Employees of ZSMU are engaged in development of three main scientific directions:

  • Study of neuroendocrine and immune mechanisms of regulation of morphogenesis and organ function under normal and pathological conditions;

  • Development of pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases, introduction of methods of their diagnostics, prevention and treatment;

  • Search, synthesis and analysis of new biologically active compounds and drugs.

15 original scientific schools in the field of basic research, clinical medicine and pharmacy are widely known in Ukraine and abroad.

The University has Specialized Councils of the HAC of Ukraine for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations in the following specialties: Internal Diseases (14.01.02), Cardiology (14.01.11), Pediatrics (14.01.10), Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy (15.00.02), Drug Technology, Organization of Pharmaceutical Business and Forensic Pharmacy (15.00.01), Normal Anatomy (14.03.01), Pathological Anatomy (14.03.02), Pathological Physiology (14.03.04).

The University regularly publishes professional scientific and practical journals: "Zaporizhzhia Medical Journal", "Pathology" and "Current issues of pharmaceutical and medical science and practice", which are included in international scientometric databases, repositories, electronic libraries of the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, India, Morocco.

The University annually holds 10-15 All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences with international participation.

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