University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia

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University of Traditional Medicine

one of the best university in Yerevan, Armenia. MBBS in Armenia is a tough task due to its climatic and governmental issues, but the university left all the factors behind by providing world class medical education in the entire private sector universities and is able to build expertise by flexible courses which are competitive enough to reach the goal. The university is established in the year 1992 and is growing much faster than any other university in Yerevan. And after the tremendous efforts and productive outcomes that came after, the ministry of education and science gave an accreditation to the university in the early 2000. Followed by world health organisation which declare the university a legal and proclaimed entity in the field of medicine.



the university has celebrated 25 years of excellence in the field of medical education and is now heading into 26th year with continuation in implementing quality education with prescribed international and national standards. The university is now enriched with high end equipped clinical and research tools that are embedded in creating modern environment for scientists and researchers. They also involved in making recyclable medical plants to make best use of resources without creating harm to environment.

In 1988 conference of learning the best use of reforming medical techniques, the university were appreciated in Cyprus for their advanced techniques for integrative medicine.

Facilities offered


the university offered multiple facilities in both the departments of

  1. General medicine.

  2. Dentistry.

This includes clinical chairs

  • General and specific surgery

  • General and specific therapies.

  • Humanitarian subjects.

  • Medical and biological sciences.

  • Special and clinical subjects.

  • Stomatology.

  • Natural science



         UTM Library had about 6150 copies of educational and scientific literature. Alongside with traditional library fund the University also has electronic library.

Afliated Clinical Hospital


                                              UTMA co-operates with major clinical hospital in yerean,Armenia



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