Yerevan State Medical University



Yerevan State Medical University is one of the leading government medical universities in Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1920 as a faculty and established as an independent Institution in 1930. The University is enlisted in the Directory of Higher Medical Institutions adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO). YSMU is a State non-commercial institution under the Ministry of Education and Science.
YSMU is a member of the International Association of Universities, which gives great opportunity in the sphere of development of international relations, students exchange, probation period abroad, participation in grant programs under the aegis of UNESCO joint research work and conferences. Having firm structure the university has worked out and implemented educational and research programs, for which it has gained international acknowledgement. YSMU established direct partnership in the form of extensive cooperation with about 30 universities around the globe. In nearly a century long existence the University has trained over 30,000 doctors. Currently, over 162 Doctor of Sciences and 481 Ph.D. degree holders constitute the University faculty of 1100 Professors.
Yerevan State Medical University is one of the most popular destinations for medical education in Europe, with over 1000 Indian students presently pursuing their studies there. Indians batches have regularly been admitted to this University since 1987. Students from more than 40 countries are at the advantage to complete their graduation from this University. Currently, there are about 5,500 students enrolled in the studies at seven faculties of Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi; 1800 of them coming from different countries of the world.
On 11-16 April 2016, YSMU hosted 5 Nobel Laureates under one roof in frames of a unique scientific event called "Nobel Days in Yerevan". YSMU students had an unprecedented opportunity to experience their impressive lectures and interact with the Nobel Laureates. 



  • Fill up the Registration Form available with the Representative free of cost.

  • Confirm the examination date from the Representative and book your date/time slot.

  • Submit all the required documents.

  • Appear for an admission test conducted by the University officials.

  • The test is based on MCQ’s in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. English fluency is expected.

  • Admission letter is issued the same day after successfully passing the exam and interview.

  • It is highly recommended for the candidate or his/ her guardians to meet the University Representative before the admission test for counselling to clear all the possible doubts and get references of the students already enrolled and studying in YSMU.

  • The admission is granted on first come first admit basis and is subject to availability as the number of seats is limited.



The University Hostel established for Foreign students is composed of two buildings. The Hostel provides adequate facilities necessary for residing, studying and recreation activities. Separate hostels wings are provided for boys and girls on sharing basis. International hostels are furnished with basic amenities and are centrally heated. The Hostel Cafeteria presents itself as a non-commercial dining facility with cheap prices. Indian food is also available. Each floor houses a kitchen intended for use by students to prepare meals. Hostel residents are served with free breakfast on each working day. The hostel is provided with Wi-Fi equipped Computer hall, Reading hall, Conference Hall, Event hall, Dining hall, Television lounge, Laundry facilities and Sports ground. Laundry equipment is also available at the Hostel: 7 washing machines and 7 tumble dryers. In winter autonomous heating supply system operates at the Hostel. The Hostel is supplied with cold and hot water and energy on a 24-hour basis. The student doesn’t pay for the electric energy consumed, water supply, for using First-aid unit and Internet services and doesn’t have to pay for other utility expenses. Twice a month students are provided with clean beddings free of charge. Expenses for these services are covered by the University. The second floor of the Hostel Building No.1 is structured in a way to resemble a guest house having a separate entrance with 23 rooms specifically designed for the University guests. Hostel Security officers and necessary equipment ensure (fire safety devices, cameras) the safety and security of students. First-Aid Unit at the Hostel provides first aid and medical care on a 24-hour basis. The hostels are conveniently located at walking distance of 2-3 min from the bus stop where students can catch comfortable buses and mini-buses to the University. Popular supermarket offering wide range of products (food, groceries, toiletries, etc) at affordable cost is situated across the street.

Food Service 


Medical University’s Food Services provides distinct on-campus catering services, which are also available at the University Hostel. There are 4 cafeterias in the University campus and one in the Hostel. These dining facilities are affiliated to the Medical University and operate on a non-commercial basis. This is the reason accounting for significant drop in price of meals served at these cafeterias; namely, the prices are half or a third of the market price of meals at other catering facilities in the city.